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Will Caldwell’s paintings reflect the passions in his life.   His thirty years of painting professionally have revealed a richly faceted experience of worldly travel, Rocky Mountain living, forest conservation activist, parenting to four children, musician/concert producer, and always the seeker of raw aesthetics. 

     Nicolai Fechin the great Russian Figure painter has always been Will Caldwell’s strongest influence for painting technique, although he has extensively studied the works of the French and American Impressionists.  His early mentors, Rod Goebel, Ned Jacob and George Carlson, exceptional figure painters of the Taos and Denver western art sphere, gave him first hand guidance and encouragement.  Over the years, Will’s paintings have been exhibited at top tier galleries in Santa Fe and Taos, Scottsdale and Tucson, Los Angles, Jackson, Telluride, and Sun Valley.

     The consummate American art teacher Robert Henri said the purest art inspiration comes from living life fully.  That bit of advice has always found resonance in the artistic pathways of Will Caldwell.

Will on drums
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